If you’re part of the tiny population who claims to play dumb about what kind of solutions Bumble provides, then I’m going to assume you & my “baby boomer” parents have a lot in common OR you’re just playing too safe in front of your partner.

Bumble, is an online platform that started as a Dating platform, eventually moving to a networking platform allowing humans to connect for different purposes including BFF (finding you a friend, but less dramatic than Jersey Shore) & Bizz (finding you a business BFF, better than Saul).

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I know the first thing coming…

If a website or a mobile app is the first place where your customers have an interaction with your business, then the word “Conversion” should be music to your ears.

In the era of digital marketing, just getting traffic on your website isn’t enough. Yes, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is awesome but what’s next? Is the job done? After all, what use is the traffic if the users aren’t achieving the goals you want them to achieve on your platform. It’s like an eCommerce platform where users don’t place orders, or a blogging website where users don’t read/write blogs.

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For those who don’t know what Lenskart does( it’s a pretty rare scenario after the oil Derek of money they have spent on advertising), it’s an eye-wear company which aims to change people’s mindset and get them to accept online stores as an alternative way of purchasing. They have been pretty successful in the same and have already taken the next step with an omnichannel approach by including online, Brick & mortar shops and home visits by an optometrist on motorbikes.

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Lenskart claims to get around 50 percent of their business from their online stores( Ios App + Android App+…

Product Fun*

No Fun without the product, No product without the Fun! Business- Shivamjainer@gmail.com

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